Adonai is a prayer and devotional resource that creates a beautiful and powerful atmosphere of reverence towards God. Containing melodies and worship calling out to Adonai, our Lord and Master.

Each of God’s Names show different elements of His Character. This song of devotion centers on Adonai, used by early Jews because they believed no one was worthy to speak Gods Name. Meaning Lord and Master this Name has much meaning and relevance to us today.

There is Power in the Name of God, and Power in the spoken word. Prayer can be many things; devotion, submission, intercession for self or others, declaration of promises or of God’s word over situations, or simply spending time in His presence. One thing is guaranteed, without prayer - there is very little relationship with God.
We can’t expect to walk with our Maker and experience the joy of knowing God’s true plan for our lives unless we take the time to speak with Him and get to know Him.

Use this recording to help get into the presence of the Most High. In the car, at home or in the office the atmosphere will change as you fill the air with these declarations of His Name - Adonai

The recording won’t get you there on it’s own, but it will make it easier for you to reach out and connect with Him as it shuts out some of the noise and distractions around you.