“Anointing, Peace, Comfort, Refreshing, Restoration, Intercession, Strength, these are all words that come to mind when you think about the new project by Overflowsong”

“This 30 minute ambient worship song is what many intercessors dream of praying to”

“There is something about praying and interceding while this anointed music fills the air with uninterrupted worship, that connects on a whole new level”

“It enables a much deeper focus in prayer”

“Layer upon layer of worship, ebbing and flowing, rising and falling, moving from passion to comfort, strength to peace, all while proclaiming Glory to Adonai”

“The worship alternates from anointed worship and melodies from the beautifully toned guitar, to alternating and leading in and out with prophetic vocal worship”

“It never feels rushed, there is space for meditation and personal worship, sometimes you feel like you want to join and sing along, other times you just want to "be still and know that I am God."”

“I couldn't recommend this more highly this will change the way you pray, meditate and worship”